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         As a therapist specializing in teens, I've found the most impactful thing I can be is a non-judgmental, encouraging, and authentic voice. Teens need validation and a warm and caring adult who will work to understand the difficulties they experience. In my time providing these services, I've realized that we never grow out of needing these qualities. In other words, my work with teens has guided me to approach my work with adults in a more holistic and compassionate fashion.


         So, whether you are a single adult, a couple, a family, or a single teen, I am always cognizant that what you likely need the most is a non-judgmental, warm, and listening ear. I believe it is a privilege to provide that service as an emotionally safe space for another human being. I love what I do and assure you that I will always keep in mind the responsibility this job entails and prioritize your emotional experience as the client.

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