Where I could be useful:

Athletic team meetings about teamwork and optimum performance, athletic team meetings about self-esteem, school-age assemblies about self-esteem and bullying, work trainings about burnout, work trainings about teamwork and optimum performance, and other scenarios.


Any sports team, classroom, or workplace could use a better understanding of relating to one another in a kind and compassionate manner. I strive to help others recognize that their value in a team is derived from the inherent qualities of their self-esteem, which is totally under their control. Many times, we compare ourselves to an impossible self-standard as a means of shaming ourselves. This drives our performance down as we distract ourselves from what makes us, us. Instead, my primary objective is to assist others in understanding what they bring to the table in a realistic way, so they can optimize their natural gifts and talents in a team setting.


Completely free as a service to the community


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